The purpose of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) Staff Senate is to be an advisory body on issues, institutional policies, and practices that relate to the staff, to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, to promote common interests among the staff, to advocate for staff welfare and development, to suggest revisions and initiatives to improve staff policies, and to participate in the formulation of institutional policy and governance.

Senators, who are elected by their peers, represent one of seven districts defined by the university’s overall organization. Those districts are Business and Finance; Chancellor; Academic Colleges; Student Affairs; EVC’s Additional Employees; Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources; and Research. While senators are elected by district, each represents the full body of staff at UNL. As such, they have the responsibility of listening to the concerns of fellow staff members and forwarding those concerns to the Senate. Four ex-officio members of the Staff Senate are drawn from the NU System’s Central Administration.

Staff and administrators who are not members of the Staff Senate can request matters be placed on the Staff Senate’s agenda and participate in the resulting discussion. Requests should be sent the President of the Staff Senate at

Future Meetings for 2023

March 9 @ 2:30 Nebraska Union, Heritage Room
March Meeting Notes

May 11 @ 2:30 Nebraska Union, Swanson Auditorium
May Meeting Notes

July 13 @ 2:30 (if necessary) Nebraska Union, Swanson Auditorium

September 14 @ 2:30 Nebraska Union, Swanson Auditorium

November 9 @ 2:30 Nebraska Union, Swanson Auditorium